Expedite is making changes!

Beginning in mid-August we will have a new location, a new name, and new services with the same level of affordable, convenient walk-in care that you’ve come to expect from us over the last five years.

Introducing UrgentCare Indy.

Stay Healthy, Save Money

UrgentCare Indy offers quick and affordable medical care for most minor injuries or illnesses as well as:

  • Flu and allergy shots
  • Sports or DOT Physicals
  • Self-pay labs for your convenience

We provide walk-in care for children and adults from ages 4 and up. View our full list of medical services.

See a Provider *Today*

Every time you walk in to UrgentCare Indy, you will be served by experienced health professionals including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Experienced medical staff

Our team is committed to caring for every patient with compassion, devotion, and respect.

And There’s More!

UrgentCare Indy is more than your average walk-in clinic, offering

  • Medical weight loss services
  • At-home sleep apnea testing
  • Bone density scans

All of this is for your convenience and your health. Learn what makes us different.